Phoenix Residential Hard Money Lender

If banks and other financial institutions are turning you away, consider HD Lending. HD Lending is the Phoenix Residential Hard Money Lender of choice for people who can’t get a loan from a bank.  We offer “hard money loans” which means we offer private lending on home, property, and real estate transactions. When traditional banks deny you a loan, look to us. We have a reputation for fast and fair lending practices.  Serving Phoenix and other major cities in Arizona.

“Residential hard money loan” is also called a “no doc private loan”.  This type of loan is based on your hard assets (house, property, real estate). The property (typically, a single-family home or a duplex) is used as collateral for the loan.  The great news is that a minimal amount of documentation is required and HD Lending can usually close a loan application faster than an application through a bank.

In addition to Residential hard money loans, we also offer Commercial hard money loans. The decision to lend or not lend is based on the commercial asset (building, property, real estate) rather than the borrower’s credit score or personal finances. Because HD Lending considers the asset, you are more likely to be approved for the commercial hard money loan.

Phoenix Residential hard money lender
Why get hard money loans from HD Lending?