Phoenix hard money lender

When you need a loan and the banks are turning you away, consider us as your Phoenix hard money lender. HD Lending offers private lending on home, property, and real estate transactions. We give private capital for real estate transactions that are denied conventional funding from banks. Helping people throughout the Phoenix metro area, we are the hard money lenders Arizona residents are turning to when they need a loan.

“Residential hard money” is a non-bankable cash loan on an investment single-family home (or duplex). This type of loan is sometimes called a “no-doc” private loan. A residential hard money loan is based on the borrower’s hard assets: their residential investment real estate is used as the collateral for the loan. HD Lending can usually close a loan application faster than a conventional loan from a bank.

Commercial hard money loans are also issued by HD Lending. The lending decision is based on commercial assets rather than the borrower’s credit. By considering your assets instead of your credit, HD Lending can often fund transactions that don’t qualify for traditional commercial loans.

Why get hard money loans in Phoenix AZ?
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